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Unit of Administrative Law

Staff structure:

NCU Prof. Dr hab. Piotr Rączka  the Head of the Department (additional activity: vice-dean of the Faculty for the Students’Affairs; legal adviser)

Dr. Dorota Sylwestrzak – assistant professor; (additional activity: disciplinary spokesman of the Nicolaus Copernicus University; Dean of the District Chamber of Legal Advisors in Toruń)

Dr. Karolina Rokicka-Murszewska – assistant professor (additional activity: legal adviser)

Prof. NCU Dr. hab. Tomasz Brzezicki – associate professor (additional activity: legal adviser)

Dr. Bartłomiej Chludziński – assistant professor,

MA Aleksandra Penszyńska – assistant,

MA Dominik Zawacka-Klonowska – assistant,

MA Łukasz Maszewski – assistant,

MA Tomasz Kuczyński – assistant.

Main research directions of the Department:

 the system of public administration, including local government administration, territorial, professional and economic self-government, public administration forms of activity, administrative proceedings, administrative execution, administrative court proceedings, tax proceedings, and numerous issues of substantive administrative law, including administrative fees, land management and urban planning, higher education, and social assistance.

Scientific achievements:

(Detailed list of publications is available on the Polish  website of particular scholars)


Additional scientific activity:

The Department organizes lots of periodic national scientific conferences on administrative execution, competition and consumer protection, legal marketing and alternative dispute resolution methods.