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Let's meet at NCU

A group of international students give themselves a fist-pumps. They are standing near Toruń town hall.
photo: fot. Andrzej Romański

Nicolaus Copernicus University invites foreign students and PhD students for Summer Camp. It's great opportunity to learn, discover and spend time together in an international environment.

"Learn, discover, enjoy – Summer Camp at NCU" is a 3-week (4-22 July 2022) summer school for foreign students and foreign PhD students in the form of blended-learning, with participants divided into three groups in terms of participation in specialised modules and a joint cultural program. Event has a hybrid formula: one week online and two weeks in Toruń.

Classes will be conducted in English by the professional staff of many departments of the NCU in Toruń. Participants can choose from three specialist modules: humanities, social sciences and exact and natural sciences. Accommodation, meals and city transport in Toruń are free. Students also will get a certificate of completion of the course and 6 ECTS points.

Additional recruitment for the Summer Camp started on May 30th and will lasts until the main and reserve list is full. Now only the order of applications counts. First-come, first-served!

More information about the Summer Camp in Toruń are available on

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