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YUFE Minors

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Until October 15, students can apply for the YUFE MINORS program, which offers participation in a special block of subjects at the European universities that make up the YUFE consortium.

The offer, prepared by YUFE member universities, is aimed at second- and third-year undergraduate or first- or second-year graduate students who want to broaden their education and earn 30 ECTS credits. The topics covered in the courses are related to urban issues, such as public health, ecology, sustainable development and heritage.

You can complete the YUFE Minor in Torun, choosing the Urban Health &Wellbeing program offered by NCU, or go to universities in Maastricht, Antwerp or Rijeka in the summer semester, opting for the programmes they offer.

The trip involves receiving an Erasmus+ scholarship and additional funds from NCU. 

In the pilot stage, YUFE offers four "Minors." The classes are conducted in English. Some of them are held online. Recruitment continues until October 15, 2022.

More information

Current YUFE MINOR programs:

For additional information, please contact the YUFE Admission Officer at NCU: Mateusz Magalski (Education Department, Rector's Office, p. 411), e-mail:

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