Dear Colleagues,

As the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń I am privileged and proud to present you our offer as well as invite you to join our academic society.

The Law Faculty, which was founded in 1945, from the very beginning of its existence created a solid basis of the NCU which at the moment consists of 17 faculties. Until now the Law Faculty has been the biggest one at the University as far as the number of students is concerned. At present we have app. 5000 persons (out of 31 000 of general students’ population) as well as we are one of the best equipped place for studies, ensuring a modern infrastructure and attractive education environment. Traditionally, there are two categories of students at the Faculty, i.e. these of a daily status and the so-called extra-mural students who study during the weekends. Likewise we have three different fields of educational offer: law, administration and the European studies. According to the Bologna standards the curriculum has been properly construed and in result we have the studies of the first, second and third degree which can provide students with the title of bachelor, master or PhD. However, the division between bachelor and master studies is not used in the case of law studies which traditionally are only on master level, covering full 5 years of education.

The academic staff of the Faculty (i.e. 113 high professionals) gives their courses in the form of lectures, work-shops, tutorials and seminars. Faculty is divided into departments (26), separate scientific units (2) and one centre. Each of them is connected with a particular field of legal discipline or specific scientific issue. It is worth stressing that our Faculty has always been rated highly in the different all-Polish education rankings and assessments.

One of the basic assumption of our educational vision was to achieve a fair balance between theory and practice as well as the national and international perspectives. Due to this principle we do our best to provide our students with proper contacts with highly experienced practitioners and assure that our own programme is internationally oriented.

There is a pretty busy students’ life at the faculty which takes form of different organizations (ELSA), scientific research groups and Law Clinic. We also encourage our students to spend a part of the studies abroad (Erasmus Programme) or at other Polish law faculties (Bridge Programme) in order to support them in obtaining of new experiences.

Thus, I do hope you will join us and have here a fruitful and successful period of study which will provide you with solid professional competencies. You are more than welcome to become a member of our faculty society!

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