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„Comparative Law Review” - Call for papers 2022 (volume 28)

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„Comparative Law Review”  - Call for papers 2022 (volume 28)

„Comparative Law Review” (ISSN 0866-9449, e-ISSN 2391-7644) („CLR”) is an open access and peer-reviewed international journal published by the Faculty of Law and Administration, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń (Poland) since 1989 (with some intervals). The scope of „CLR” includes both private and public law, with particular focus on comparative studies. The Editors encourage authors to submit articles that are interdisciplinary in nature and/or analyse a legal problem from a comparative perspective. We particularly welcome proposals elaborating on how the comparative method is applied in domestic and international law-making and jurisprudence. Consequently, we invite original contributions on public international law and EU law. By the same token, we welcome papers dealing with all fields of domestic law, legal theory and philosophy, as well as history of law.

The journal is published in both print and online versions. CLR is an open access journal, thus the articles published in CLR are easily searchable on the Internet (via Google Scholar, BASE, etc.). There are no charges for article processing, article submission or open-access policy for the authors or their institutions.  

The journal is indexed with and included in SCOPUS (starting from vol. 25), Index Copernicus Journals Master List, ERIH PLUS, CEEOL and DOAJ.


We welcome contributions in English and – after consultation with the Editors – in German or French (editorial instructions for Contributors are available at http://apcz.umk.pl/czasopisma/index.php/CLR --> Author Guidelines).

Since 2017 CLR is yearbook, forthcoming issue (vol. 28) is expected to be published in November 2022.

The deadline for submissions for vol. 28 of CLR is 1st of May 2022.

For additional information, please visit the journal’s website: www.comparativelawreview.umk.pl

or contact the Editors: comparativelawreview@umk.pl


Vice Editor-in-Chief - Dr Julia Kapelańska-Pręgowska (jkapre@umk.pl)

Managing Editor - Dr Zuzanna Pepełowska-Dąbrowska (zpeplow@umk.pl)

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